SBE Engineering Conference

7:30 am Exhibitor area open
  New Mexico National Guard Breakfast
Change of Command-Recruiting and Retention-All Welcome
9:10 am Welcome, SBE Meeting- Bill Harris, SBE Chapter 34 Chair
9:20 am - 10:20 am Joe Talbot - Telephones
10:30 am Greg Dahl - The Bionic Studio for TV and Radio
11:30 am - 12 noon Vendor Introduction
12:15 pm NMBA Past Chairmen's Luncheon
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Mike Langner EAS Updates
2:15 pm Broadcasting and FCC Updates
FCC Changes and How They Effect Engineers
NAB and Frank Jazzo of Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth
3:30 pm John Bissett - TV and Radio Engineering Tips




2020 Vision: Attracxting Millenniel and GenZ Employees

”We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it.” - Anonymous

You are about to participate in an experiment in time travel. We will begin our journey to the future with a brief trip to the recent past. Our world is changing quickly and we’ll use this trip as a baseline for what to expect as we travel into the future.

Now it’s time to head into the future. Our destination is to fast-forward to the 2020’s. A world where full-functioning “self-driving” automobiles will be the norm, corporate space travel promises a manned trip around Mars, and 50% of the Global workforce will be members of the Millennial Generation.

As an industry we devote a substantial amount of time and effort attempting to project future sales, but little time thinking about the factors that impact that future. In 2020 Vision we invite you to take a forward look at the broadcast industry’s markets, customers, products, teams, and leaders.

In addition, we will take an in-depth look at the various dynamics that will affect that future. Including:

It’s time to fire up the flux capacitor and get on the road for 2020 Vision. Remember, objects in the mirror are much closer then they may seem.




Winning with Casinos

Casinos in New Mexico are one of the largest ad category on radio and television stations. As the broadcast industry and gaming industry continue to evolve, how does the internet, social media and digital communication effect how people engage in gaming. This session will examine what gaming advertising will look like in the coming years.




Copyright: What can you use on your social media and on your station and not get sued

It is increasingly easy to find free and attractive content online. That combined with an increasing desire to churn out interesting visual content, can be a recipe for copyright infringement disaster. Radio stations who previously used little to no audiovisual or visual content now have that opportunity in the form of websites and social media. Even television stations who have experience with use of that type of content have a compressed production schedule, with the opportunity for instant publication on social media channels. This creates a risk of liability that becomes more acute through the presence of opportunistic copyright owners who are better able to police unauthorized uses of their content and quickly seek to leverage mistakes into dollars. Kevin M. Goldberg’s presentation will cover the basic issues of copyright law, with particular focus on issues involving the use of music in produced, broadcast and streamed content and the use of photos on station websites and social media, with an eye toward “best practices” for avoiding liability and responding to threats when received.





Ask a Lawyer

In this session Frank Jazzo of Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth in Washington, DC will answer your questions about broadcasting, regulations, advertising, taxes, copyright obligations, enforcement issues and anything else you might think of! So, start jotting down those tough questions and bring them to the convention.





Enhancing Digital Sales

As a media seller, you must become an absolute champion of both traditional and digital media. You are no longer just a Radio or TV rep, you are a brand and marketing specialist! And that’s going to require you to set aside all of your pre-conceived media biases. In this session we will give you an understanding of...

Whether it’s digital or traditional media, the process of building a brand is the same. Embracing this is your first step toward success.




Music Licensing

We all have to have it. And we're bringing in the experts to provide the ins-and-outs of music licensing with Travis Ploeger of SoundExchange and Bill Velez of Radio Music License Committee.