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NMBA Membership Benefits

The NMBA has been serving radio and television stations across the Land of Enchantment for more than 50 years.

With more than 90 percent of all New Mexico stations within our membership, we work to advocate on behalf of broadcasters at the state and federal levels, and to provide a variety of training and compliance resources.

Our services are targeted to different areas of station operations, including sales, engineering, human resources and news.

Training: We provide training across those station operations through webinars, convention and regional workshops.

Compliance: The FCC continues to review its compliance regulations in this new digital era of broadcsating. We keep our members on top of changes and deadlines.

Resources: From the latest industry news to FAQs and our weekly e-newsletter, The MikeSide, the NMBA keeps members informed.


If your station is not a NMBA member, we encourage you to learn more about our membership options. You can also contact us directly at 505-881-4444.

Join NMBA!

Stakeholders in the broadcast industry can become members anytime. If you are an owner/operator of an over-the-air radio or television station or broadcast-related business and would like to become an NMBA member, complete the membership application below and we'll send you more information!