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Upcoming NMBA Webinars

Covering the 2020 Election - Part 2

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019

Learn how to dig deeper and find answers that your viewers want and need to know. By the end of this session, you will be able to recognize the most common mistakes journalists make when reporting on polls; accurately describe and discuss PACs, Super PACs and Dark Money; explore campaign funding from special interests; revisit how the American political system works and why we have the electoral system.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019
One of the biggest things I hear from salespeople across the country is the struggle to keep themselves motivated. Certainly, a job in sales can absolutely steal your joy at times. We will end 2019 with a fun filled swagginar that help to restore your passion and get you set to tackle another year. You got this, and we will talk about why!!