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Emergency Alert System - EAS

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is designed to provide fast and efficient dissemination of important information during times of emergency or crisis. While local EAS messages originate from state authorities such as the Office of the Governor, the Department of Public Safety or Homeland Security, broadcasters across the state are dedicated to getting that information to our communities as quickly and reliably as possible.

Here are some helpful links...

  • New Mexico EAS State Plan
    Each state has an action plan for the broadcast and cable industry in the use of the Emergency Alert System, both voluntarily and in the event of a national alert from the President of the United States. This EAS plan is an FCC-mandated document.
  • Station Monitoring Assignments
    Our stations voluntarily monitor the EAS system to bring important news and alerts to their communities.
  • EAS Operating Handbook (2017)
  • NMDPS Missing Persons Reference Manual
    Under NM state law, the NM Department of Public Safety provides for the administration of information regarding missing and endangered individuals. When an alert is necessary, the information is disseminated through the mechanics of the EAS system.
  • NASBA's
    The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations' website that helps to coordinate all 50 states' engineers and EAS stakeholders to create a seamless system.