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Broadcasters Care

New Mexico radio and television broadcasters understand the importance of serving their community, and work hard at identifying local issues, providing free air time, and assisting with many non-profit agencies in their communities.


From helping local charities to investigating corruption to reporting breaking news, our broadcasters keep communities engaged, informed, and alert. In addition to being a vital partner in communities across the state, local radio and television play a key role in the dissemination of entertainment, news and local programming, providing an important value to the American economy that if often overlooked. At its core, local TV and radio enhance economic productivity, efficiency and growth.


KOAT 7, Albuquerque

During monsoon season, the Santa Clara tribe needed to see how the flooding had damaged some of their sacred land. So, we took tribal leaders up in Sky 7 to evaluate the damage.

KRTN, Raton

In a rural area, we are one of the only sources of information for many. We take this responsibility very seriously and try to include as many as possible to help make them feel a part of “ownership.”

iHeart Radio, Albuquerque

We are constantly reaching out to the community to help. We have a local advisory council that meets twice a year to review what we have done for the community and what more we can do.

KAZX, Farmington

We help raise funds to provide assistance with food, transportation and lodging expenses for families that have a child requiring specialized medical care not available in the Four Corners area.

KGAK, Gallup

Our station is a central clearance house for the region providing a daily 15 minute live psa program - Din’e Speaks with a robust lost and found department.

KUNM Radio Statewide

KUNM has more than 100 people from the various communities who volunteer to produce many of our local programs including kids, teens, Hispanics, Native American, African Americans and poets.

Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe

We encourage our staff to embrace the spirit of volunteerism by joining local boards and giving time to local charitable events. It is our team spirit that keeps us connected to the community we serve.