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NMBA Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

The Federal Communications Commission conducts unscheduled inspections of broadcast facilities, both randomly and when they have a reason to believe a problem exists. Put your station under the microscope and avoid FCC inspections for 3 years by participating in an "Alternative Broadcast Inspection". Under the alternative broadcast inspection program, the NMBA will dispatch an ABIP inspector to perform a complete FCC-type inspection of your station to ensure that it is in compliance with the Commission rules.

Here is how it works...

  • Contact with the NMBA by completing and signing an agreement for an inspection and paying the appropriate fee.

  • Upon the execution of the contract, the NMBA will notify the FCC that an inspection is pending. For a period of 150 days from the date of the agreement you will not be subject to a random inspection.

  • At a time convenient for both you and the inspector, your station will be inspected following a specific, FCC prepared checklist. This checklist may be found on the FCC web site.

  • The inspection will take four to six hours depending on the complexity of your operation - Stand-alone FM, Directional AM or Television Station. Any areas found not in compliance will be brought to your attention at the time of inspection.

  • Shortly after the inspection, your will receive a complete and confidential report detailing our findings, including violations and advisories, if any, and the forfeiture amount that may have been levied had it been an FCC inspection.

    If your station is in compliance, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued and you will be exempt from random FCC inspections for three years from the date you requested the inspection. Please note, there are certain exceptions such as targeted inspections for safety matters related to towers, inspections responsive to a complaint, and some EEO and Political File matters.

    If your station was found not to be in compliance, you will need to make the necessary corrections and provide the inspector with proof of correction and compliance. In some instances, a re-inspection may be required. Once everything is as it should be, you will be issued a certificate of compliance.

Let's get started...

Complete the Request for Inspection Agreement and send it to the NMBA with the appropriate inspection fee. An inspection will occur soon after receipt of your request. The inspector will call to schedule a time. Payment must be made PRIOR to inspection.