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NMBA Member Seminars and Conventions

The NMBA provides stations with exclusive in-person and online trainings from trusted sources, including the P1 Learning, as well as our FCC counsel. This year, P1 Learning will offer monthly webinars designed to keep employees up-to-date and provide them with real world techniques that they can use today.

Each webinar will last approximately 30-minutes in length followed by a short open discussion where attendees can ask questions in regards to the monthly webinar topic. Upon completion, P1 Learning will accompany each webinar with a 24 hour post-webinar online training course (7 - 10 minutes) that includes both testing and study document to further learning.

We encourage you to explore and register for these events and training opportunities below.


A 4th Quarter Reset....Take A.I.M. to hit your budgets - Oct 17, 2018

With the combination of the madness of Summer and the impending chaos of 4th quarter, it is important to reassess our approach and strategy.  We will dig in and reinforce the proper process and tactics that are proven and successful in sales.  We go to the doctor for a checkup and we take our car in for a tune up.  Consider this swagginar an opportunity to get your sales oil changed and your tires rotated.   We'll get refocused and refueled for the months ahead.

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Millennials - Why It Works and When It Doesn't - Nov 21, 2018

Young people, called millennials, can be wonderful additions to our teams. They add energy to our stations that are much needed. However, it does not always work. We will focus on why they can be important components to our continued growth, and the reasons why it can also be a train wreck. Recognizing what makes it work can help ensure more millennials make it. Our industry needs them, and they need to be successful. This swagginar focuses on how to make this happen.

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Self Evaluation, Hypocrisy and Holiday Bad Habits - Dec 12, 2018

Consistently evaluating how you are doing is important to personal growth. We will focus on vital points to measure to ensure you continue to give yourself the opportunity to have more success. In the rat race of the holiday season we must still grade the way we conduct business. Knowing what things to track helps keep us from developing bad habits at this time of year. Itís easy to be a short term hypocrite at Christmas, but we will focus on how to keep this from happening.

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