NMBA Member Seminars and Conventions

The NMBA provides stations with exclusive in-person and online trainings from trusted sources, including the P1 Learning, as well as our FCC counsel. This year, P1 Learning will offer monthly webinars designed to keep employees up-to-date and provide them with real world techniques that they can use today.

Each webinar will last approximately 30-minutes in length followed by a short open discussion where attendees can ask questions in regards to the monthly webinar topic. Upon completion, P1 Learning will accompany each webinar with a 24 hour post-webinar online training course (7 - 10 minutes) that includes both testing and study document to further learning.

We encourage you to explore and register for these events and training opportunities below.


May Swagginar - May 09, 2018

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2020 Vision: Attracting Millennial & GenZ Employees - Jun 08, 2018
Weíre going to do a little time travel, fast forwarding to the next decade. Sounds like a long way away, but letís face it, itís only a few short years from today. We will challenge management teams to think about the future needs of their customer and the teams that they will be managing.

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June Swagginar - Jun 13, 2018

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