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NMBA Member Seminars and Conventions

The NMBA provides stations with exclusive in-person and online trainings from trusted sources, including the P1 Learning, as well as our FCC counsel. This year, P1 Learning will offer monthly webinars designed to keep employees up-to-date and provide them with real world techniques that they can use today.

Each webinar will last approximately 30-minutes in length followed by a short open discussion where attendees can ask questions in regards to the monthly webinar topic. Upon completion, P1 Learning will accompany each webinar with a 24 hour post-webinar online training course (7 - 10 minutes) that includes both testing and study document to further learning.

We encourage you to explore and register for these events and training opportunities below.



SBE Engineering Conference - Jun 02, 2017

IP networks are an integral component of the broadcast technical plant. Integration with the legacy broadcast infrastructure can range from minimal system control functions to an end-to-end IP based content transport facility. Regardless of the integration level or complexity, IP network security cannot be ignored. This tutorial will provide an understanding of IP network fundamentals and how to implement network security provision best practices in the design and support of a broadcast IP network.

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Auto Advertising and Broadcast Mobile Marketing - Jun 02, 2017

The average car buyer makes just two visits to dealerships, but one in four purchasers use mobile every day to research vehicles. That explains why ad dollars keep migrating to mobile. In 2015, the auto sector spent $3.43 billion on mobile ads in the U.S., representing 47% of the industry's total digital ad spending, according to eMarketer.

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State of Broadcasting: A View from the Top - Jun 02, 2017

Broadcasting has changed from a provider-driven to a consumer-driven industry. Viewers and listeners are in control with personal playlists, DVRs, streaming and binge-watching. Therefore, understanding the relationship between technology and user behavior and how it will impact broadcasting tomorrow is the focus of this panel discussion.

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Ask a Lawyer and FCC Update - Jun 02, 2017

In this session Frank Jazzo of Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth in Washington, DC will answer your questions about broadcasting, regulations, advertising, taxes, copyright obligations, enforcement issues and anything else you might think of! So, start jotting down those tough questions and bring them to the convention.

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Simple Steps to Making Magic in Your Sales Career - Jun 02, 2017

The Surviving to Thriving in Sales session is a high energy, exciting way to make your commission checks bigger. Learn simple steps often skipped or forgotten that will help you make more magic in your sales career. Derron Steenbergen, President of the Swagger Institute will motivate you to use creative approaches to prospecting, new business development and building better relationships. Derron is one of the very best sales trainers, motivators and relatable sales guys you will ever meet. Thousands have left this session with specific tips to make their business more successful, and more importantly, how to have more fun doing it. Oh, and you will learn the six most powerful words in sales and they are sure to change your career. Recommended for all sellers and managers.

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Alan Roach: My Life on the Edge of Sports - Jun 02, 2017

Our sport programming workshop introduces you to Alan Roach, the voice of the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies. Alan has lived a life on the edge of some of the most exciting sports moments in recent history. Alan notes, "Working as the announcer at live sports events for over 25 years has provided me a front row seat to some of the most spectacular sports moments in recent history."

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Nielsen Presentation for Television - Jun 02, 2017
Presentation topics:

  • What makes the Albuquerque-Santa Fe DMA unique?
  • Transforming Local TV Measurement: Local In-Market Nielsen Panels + Big Data (Return Path Data)
  • What does Albuquerque's Media Measurement look like in 2020?

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